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Informed Project Forecasting Can Take the Sting Out of Inflation

Record levels of inflation are weighing on the construction industry when contractors are already feeling the squeeze from labor and supply shortages. According to Associated General Contractors analysis, contractors are seeing staggering increases in construction inflation. The Producer Price Index for inputs to new non-residential construction — a weighted average of the goods and services […]

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Financial Considerations When Setting Up a Legacy Giving Program

There’s a financial case for setting up a legacy giving program for your nonprofit, as legacy giving accounts for the third-largest source of charitable contributions behind individuals and foundations, respectively, but ahead of corporations. And of all fundraising types, legacy gifts offer the highest return on investment. Organizations can expect an average return of $56.83 […]

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Is Inflation Impacting How You Analyze Your Financial Statements?

As a business owner, your company’s financial statements play a significant role in monitoring your company’s performance and financial standing. However, the information presented in financial statements is susceptible to distortion when certain economic factors come into play — notably inflation. The cumulative impact of a global pandemic, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions have […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Business from Fraud and Scams

Business owners spend a lot of time and effort ensuring their operations run smoothly, from delivering quality goods and services to providing accurate financial statements and tax returns. Yet one scammer going after your company can bring it all down, harming your reputation and your revenue. One of the best ways to protect your business […]

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Navigating the IRS Backlog

The start of a new tax filing season often brings with it longer hold times with the IRS, as taxpayers and their tax preparers inundate phone lines with questions and concerns. But the 2022 filing season promises to be particularly challenging. The IRS continues to work through a backlog of millions of paper-filed returns and […]

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