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First-year bonus depreciation

First-year bonus depreciation and Sec. 179 expensing: Watch out for the pitfalls

Many companies are eligible for tax write-offs for certain equipment purchases and building improvements. These write-offs can do wonders for a business’s cash flow, but whether to claim them isn’t always an easy decision. In some cases, there are advantages to following the regular depreciation rules. So it’s critical to look at the big picture […]

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Alternate Valuation Date

What a Difference Six Months Can Make

An alternate valuation date can reduce estate tax liability If you have money invested in the stock market, you’re well aware of potential volatility. Needless to say, this volatility can affect your net worth, thus affecting your lifestyle. Something you might not think about is the potential effect on your estate tax liability. Specifically, if […]

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Estate Planning

Take Control of Your Legacy: Planning for Generational Wealth Transfer

The Silent Generation and Baby Boomers are incredibly fortunate generations—and so might be their heirs. Cerulli’s U.S. High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Markets 2021 report predicts these generations will transfer $72.6 trillion in assets to heirs and $11.9 trillion to charities through 2045. That’s a lot of money, and it presents a unique opportunity for Gen Xers […]

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Hiring? You may be eligible for a valuable tax credit, the WOTC

If you need to hire, be aware of a valuable tax credit for employers hiring individuals from one or more targeted groups. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is generally worth $2,400 for each eligible employee but can be worth more — in some cases much more. Targeted groups Generally, an employer is eligible for […]

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Tax Savings

Pump Up Tax Savings with the Fuel Credit

Companies that wish to reduce their tax bills or increase their refunds shouldn’t overlook the fuel tax credit. It’s available for federal tax paid on fuel used for nontaxable purposes. When does the federal fuel tax apply? The federal fuel tax, which is used to fund highway and road maintenance programs, is collected from buyers […]

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